A Field Can Bloom

This is a poem from the book, The Purity of Desire- 100 Poems of Rumi.

Eric and I are starting a 40 day sadhana that includes chanting a mantra in three volumes. The speaking voice represents the human form- myself. The whisper represents the angelic voice- the lover. The final volume is the silent voice of the Divine.

We must become conscious of the vibrations we release and receive. We can choose to become mindful of the way we speak to ourselves, refraining from inner talk that limits us. We should not only become more mindful of the words we say to others, but also the words we listen to and allow into our internal atmospheres. We can embrace silence, and listen mindfully to sounds that are known and unknown. We can also meditate, creating vibrations of certain frequencies that can help us transcend beyond our minds.

We should ask ourselves, “Is my voice like pollution in the air or gentle rainfall over a garden?” I am grateful to have found a lover who causes flowers to bloom in my eyes when we communicate. I dedicate this poem to my voice, the whisper of my lover, and the ambient sounds of Infinity.


Talking can be sweet. A field can bloom in your eyes when sharing words with the right person.

An invisible effulgence wafts out from a heart that is happy. That is an oxygen to us.

In some cities, smoke stacks pollute the air and harm the lungs of many creatures.

A good song fills our chests too, but can have the opposite effect- everything it touches may be better off.

There is a governor of every region of space, a divine agent; he or she may remain hidden, but their business is your soul, as it is mine.

Words can fertilize space now and then; don’t deny yourself becoming enriched.

Find some ears that love the touch of your sounds, and you theirs.