Love is Madness

“Is it possible to preserve the lover and the poet without preserving the lunatic?” -Bertrand Russell

I’ve watched this “Shots of Awe” video dozens of times, sometimes alone, sometimes with Eric. Every time it causes an eruption of emotion, tears streaming from my eyes and my heart. I hang on to Eric in complete surrender and complete gratitude. Sometimes the indescribable feelings of being in love are too much for my small human body to fathom or contain. Sometimes I cannot express it to others in a way that can be understood, without exploding in ecstatic joy like a lunatic. Or without crying in heartache of one day having to exist without him.

This video really speaks to my heart. True love allows us to transcend time and space. It allows us to become godlike as we worship and are worshipped.

“to put the lover on a pedestal and lose oneself in an ecstatic sexual worship, a staged managed resurrection, an apotheosis.” -Jason Silva

I cried to Eric as we watched it together again. I said, “How lucky we are to experience this kind of love in our lifetime. But I feel so sad for those who are still seeking it.”

For those of you out there who are reserving an empty space in your heart for deep, true, transcendental love… don’t stop believing. It’s worth the heartache. It’s worth the detours. It’s even worth the loneliness. Wait for a love that not only fills that empty space, but overflows from your being, a love that brings tears to your eyes because it’s just too beautiful to believe.

Keep believing in love, wishing for it…manifesting it. I know the empty place in your heart hurts. Believe me, I have been there. We are human beings wandering this Earth in search of our binary star, our human ally, our soulmate. Don’t be ashamed for seeking and longing for true love so desperately it hurts. How can anyone blame you?

“Where you can see the universe in the iris of your lover’s eye..”

Romantic infatuation is beautiful, it’s poetry, it’s art. We are artists expressing our ultimate truth of existence, our lives are the canvas, love is the masterpiece.

“Art is the lie that reveals the truth.”


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